BA MBACP Dip Couns.

Person-Centred Counsellor

Embodiment Practitioner



"This world is so full of people talking at us. Telling us how to be better, get better, feel better, look better, to make more, say more, be more but what if there's another way?"

I am highly skilled at enabling clarity and can help you to embrace your emotions, connecting to the resources you have. During your therapy, we will endeavour to work in the present moment, helping you to gain a better understanding of why you feel the way you do. I strongly believe you are the expert in your life and as such I do not use an analytical or diagnostic approach. We will work with embodiment, practicing checking in with how emotions feel in your body. You will have the opportunity to discover the best way for you to ground yourself in the present moment and develop your own unique self-care strategies.

Working this way, my clients have been able to reduce anxiety, decrease stress, move through their fears and feelings of being overwhelmed. Together, we can work to bring balance to your life, move through your suffering and ease your pain.

Online therapy is an excellent way to access counselling from the comfort of your own home, in a way and at a time that is convenient for you. Your options are:

  • Video calling ensures face to face communication and the ability for you to work with me no matter where you are located

  • Audio-only therapy can be great if video isn't comfortable for you

  • I also offer messenger and email-based therapy, if talking feels too much right now

I will create a space for you to see you, to hear you and to connect to your wisdom instead of seeking it from outside of yourself. Listening with honesty and I will help you hear you. We will work together to build a healing space which is safe, consistent and with strong boundaries. When you feel heard, accepted, understood and witnessed, you can come to really know you are enough. We will rebuild your trust in yourself and soon you will not Ďneedí therapy or anyone to help you fix what feels broken in your life. You will feel reconnected to your intuition and trust in your sense of what you want and need.

I totally believe in person-centred counselling, for me this model will always underpin my practice. I am a trauma-informed practitioner, meaning I have a deep understanding of the impact traumatic experiences can have on a personís life and functioning. I actively work on creating a safe therapeutic environment for each individual. I am committed to the on-going work of anti-racism in myself, my work, and my community. I aspire to understand that each person I work with, and myself as a therapist, lives within the larger context of our communities and cultures.

I prioritise working from a place of integrity and with my own vulnerability. I feel this creates balance and allows a sincere connection between myself and clients. As a member of the professional governing body, the BACP, I am committed to their code of ethics and have regular supervision as part of this. I also engage in my own personal therapy to work on my shadow self. I am passionate about the benefits of therapy and self-discovery, so it is natural for me to continue my own journey. I also feel this has huge benefits for my clients too, assisting me in offering safe, clear space for you at all times. 

Itís a privilege to be able to work this way and I hope to hear from you soon and support you in your journey. For more information about my services please check out my website www.helentravis.com or you can drop me an email helen@helentravis.com