Hello and welcome, I'm glad you've got this far and would like to know more about me. I trained with and worked for Relate, the Couples Counselling Charity in the UK, from 1990-1997, and gave talks about counselling on local radio, and to interested groups in the area. I also had a small private practice with some colleagues in Surrey, where I saw clients with a variety of personal problems.

Since then I have moved to France where I continue to work with English-speaking clients. I have expanded my experience to include those who have been bereaved, who have survived childhood traumas, or who are finding it difficult to live abroad without a familiar support system, as well as seeing couples and individuals who are suffering from relationship breakdown.

My interest in online counselling has developed with a recognition of how important it is to maintain good relationships from afar. It doesn't seem to matter whether you live in France or Australia, the ease of communicating by email allows friendships to flourish, so a logical extension of that was to see how well some people can relate online. Having taken the General and the Advanced Certificates in Online Counselling last year I am more convinced than ever that for some clients this could be a very valuable way of exploring their problems.

My personal leaning is towards the person centred approach, but I am happy to look at the problem with the client(s) and see whether exploring childhood influences would help. I believe that learning lessons from the past, if well and truly understood, can help you to move on in a more positive way, or at least come to terms with how you are feeling at the moment. However, it is you, the client, and your feelings, that are the most important element in this counselling process, and I wish to help in the most effective way possible.

Once we have decided to work together I can then send you a further email outlining the agreement and giving you the details of costs, payment, privacy and confidentiality.


I look forward to hearing from you if you think I could help

ASSOCIATION: Peaceful in Provence no.0044003960

mim2kay@aol.com    Skype Hermione Kay    Telephone: 04 94 04 78 94