Certified RTT Clinical Hypnotherapist
Conversational Hypnosis and NLP practitioner

Website: www.myls-hypnotherapy.com

Email: puremindtherapy22@gmail.com

Booking: https://calendly.com/mylshypnotherapy

Sessions are available via Skype or Zoom

Hello there.... my name is Mei Yee Lam. I am a clinical hypnotherapist. Conversational Hypnosis and NLP practitioner.

This professional service is to empower people to overcome issues like Anxiety, Trauma, negative habits, and fears for personal their full potential.

You might have noticed the wear and tear of life take or even freezes you from progress or growth. You might have stress with what is to come or even take those trouble home with you. Those troubles have reached your logical mind many times, and you find yourself doing the thinking, thinking, and more thinking while your inner subconscious mind is just reacting and reacting more.

Does it reassure for you to know that the dark murky paths you have do not have to stay with you forever and that hypnotherapy helps you out of those spots to a much brighter space and quickly?

Well, I am here and ready for your personal development growth when you are.
Be this purely for your personal development growth or complementary aid for you. You will find this is a gentle way to release those mental pressures that have been hidden or suppressed for so long.

The way I work is to ensure you get the result you want for you to continue with success in mind. As a facilitator not only I will help you to alleviate your personal distress and suffering, also take the place of positive change so you will find yourself feeling lightness in your being and courage in your heart for your work, and the loved ones around you without long drawn sessions or medication.

Issues I specialized in:
  • Anxiety ( this is a big list), including fears and phobia, confidence ( self-doubt, self-sabotage issues)
  • Stress relief: on excess worry, perfectionism
  • Negative repetitive habits/ addictions ( Quit Smoking to Alcohol management)
  • Weight management (for those who want to lose excess weight and keep to it.)
  • Trauma ( past or not so long ago)

I work as per result and will be with you and see you are on your path for the better. When you are ready for freer choices, I am ready here for you. Zoom is utilized to draw any distances closer & in the comfort of their own homes.

Feel free to ask me questions regarding this service via email and I will do my best to answer them. You can also book a free 45 mins consultation call with me and see just how I can help you. The very best to your mental well-being.