Certified RTT Clinical Hypnotherapist




Sessions are available via Skype or Zoom

Hi I am Mei. I am a certified RTT clinical hypnotherapist and I help people to remove anxiety and fears that limit their true potential to live a happy balanced life. I have spent many years as a supporting role to my family and friends to a point that I lost sight of my own ability to see my own goal and even purpose in life.

My journey to have chosen to be a hypnotherapist astonished even myself not only I get to help people with anxiety and related issues that had become their life limiting problem to them and I get to help people to help themselves and get better of anxiety for a freer choice of life.

As now I have seen many who has decided to take time to transform their lives for a clearer confident future. They have benefited choosing better choices, sleep better and just genuinely enjoy their daily live and people around them.

I can feel and hear the energy that does not work to the intention you might or might not have, or that stubborn block you no longer want or simply get your body and mind back as a whole.

I will walk with you to rediscover the ’YOU’ so you can go forth to have the life you want and so deserved. Through my ability as an RTT therapist, hypnotherapist and my knowledge of the mind and body connection which helps you create deep and lasting change that transforms from being impossible to being that incredible self. When you decide to take action for your future than call me or book a strategy call with me and see how I can help you.