Integrative and attachment-based
counselling and psychotherapy
Email: jackwilsoncounselling@gmail.com

For more information: www.jackwilsoncounselling.com

I offer individual therapy and group work
with Skype and Zoom

Many of us face moments of emotional difficulties. We could be experiencing issues in relationships, loss, or a sense of disconnection from the world around us. If we do not attend to these parts of our selves, we risk getting stuck in growing layers of fear, hurt, anger and a longing for what we do not have.

This can manifest as depression, a lack of meaning or feelings of low self-worth. Working with a qualified therapist can help to untangle and make sense of the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that might be blocking a path to a renewed sense of meaning and well-being. At heart, the recovery of the 'wild' self.​

I am trained in integrative and attachment- based counselling and psychotherapy. If you are curious about starting therapy sessions with me, feel free to reach out by phone or email to see if/how we could work together.​

Issues I work with include: Addictions, Anxiety & Stress, Depression, Gender identity, Loss, Relationships, Transition and Trauma.


  • Certificate in Adult Counselling, Middlesex University (2016)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy, Middlesex University (2018)
  • Diploma in Trauma Therapy, NAOS Institute (2022)