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I'm Graham McDowell, a Mental Well-being Specialist and Transformational Coach.

Transform Your Life With Expert Guidance And Support
• Overcome anxiety, anger, stress and depression.
• Learn to quiet the chattering monkey mind.
• Increase emotional intelligence and resilience.
• Experience the calming freedom of practicing mindfulness.
• Develop greater clarity, focus and success in all areas of life.
• Learn to raise your vibration and balance your energy body (chakras).
• Gain a deeper understanding of your spiritual nature and life purpose.

Trying to find the specialist support that's right for you can feel a bit daunting so I offer 3 simple steps below to help you discover if we may be a good fit!

Step 1. Are you right for me?
• Have you been suffering for a while but have decided you’ve had enough and it’s time to change?
• Are you looking for specialist support with real world solutions to improve your life?
• Are you prepared to take an active role in your personal growth, healing and transformation?
• Are you willing to commit to regular sessions, typically over a 2 - 3 month period or visit me in France for an immersive well-being holiday or both?

Step 2. Am I right for you?
• I provide simple, relaxing and highly effective coaching, that many of my clients call "truly life changing".
• I've helped hundreds of people like you to overcome anxiety, anger, depression, stress and the other issues listed below.
• I also run group workshops for businesses and schools to support and train staff and help improve mental wellbeing and performance.

My modalities
Mindfulness: A mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

Hypnotherapy: A trance-like state in which one turns attention completely inward to find and utilise the natural resources deep within, that can help make changes or regain control in specific areas of life.

Energy healing: There is what could be called a ‘universal energy’ within all things, including us. If our energy is out of balance, we are out of balance. By gently aligning your body’s subtle energies, your inner balance and vibration (your vibe!) is improved.

Below are some of the things I can help with. If your particular concern is not listed, please get in touch and ask!

Anger Management
Anxiety and Stress
Energy Healing
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Mind Coaching
Living in The Moment
Mindfulness Meditation
Panic Attacks
Peak Performance
Sleep Problems
Spiritual Awakening
Trapped Emotions
Weight Management

Step 3. Request Your Free Initial Consultation
If you're comfortable so far, please request your FREE 90 minute Initial Consultation via video call or in person. We will discuss the changes you would like to make, I will explain my approach and answer any questions you may have.

Please see my website for my testimonials.